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Food Network's February 2017 Programming Highlights

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Below are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in February.  It doesn't seem like there are any new series, but there are new episodes of many shows and the Kids Baking Championship finale will be this month on February 27th.

The full press release with episode descriptions is below:


Plus: Kids Baking Championship Crowns a Winner and the Worst Cooks in America Feel the Heat

FoodNetwork.com Has the Perfect Valentine’s Day Recipes and Comfort Food for the Winter Months

NEW YORK – December 27, 2016 – Food Network keeps you warm this February with exciting new episodes all month long. Bakers vs. Fakers serves up delicious new challenges and incredible treats all while keeping everyone guessing – host, judges and viewers alike – as to which competitors are professional bakers and which are amateurs on Wednesdays at 10pm. Don’t miss Ginormous Foods with host Josh Denny searching out the most audacious and tastiest treats around the country Fridays at 9pm. Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray continue to whip their recruits into shape in the quest to name the best of the worst on new episodes of Worst Cooks in America airing at a special time on Sunday, February 5th at 10pm and the following Sundays at 9pm. Plus get set for the final four episodes of Kids Baking Championship Mondays at 8pm when Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman put the talented kid finalists to the test as they get one step closer to winning $10,000 and the title of Kids Baking Champion in the grand finale on Monday, February 27th at 8pm. Also in primetime, don’t miss premieres of Beat Bobby Flay, Cake Wars, Chopped, Chopped Junior, Cooks vs. Cons, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy’s Grocery Games. In daytime, don’t miss premiere episodes of Giada Entertains, The Kitchen, Kitchen Sink, The Pioneer Woman, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen and Valerie’s Home Cooking. FoodNetwork.com is the ultimate guide for Valentine’s Day treats as well as winter comfort food including the new digital-only series Craveworthy Eats. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Bakers vs. Fakers – Premiering Wednesdays at 10pm
Buddy Valastro hosts this crafty culinary competition series, pitting professional chefs vs. amateur home bakers, where four contestants battle it out each episode for ultimate bragging rights. Over two rounds of culinary challenges, the competitors must come up with delectable desserts that need to impress a rotating panel of guest judges. With no higher standards for the professionals and no sympathy for the amateurs, a blind taste test will determine the best dessert all the while keeping the host, judges and audience guessing until the very end as to who is the baker and who is the faker.

Online, relive the baking fails, see epic reveals and get tips to up your baking game. Join the conversation using #BakersvsFakers.

Beat Bobby Flay

Premiering Thursday, February 2nd at 10pm – “The Grid Iron Chef”
With Sunday’s big game only days away, Bobby Flay’s chef friends Josh Capon and Alex Guarnaschelli want to ensure that his competitive spirit is up to snuff. Silent but deadly chef Lee Chizmar and king of the modern steakhouse Todd Mark Miller are here to show Bobby who the real MVP is.

Premiering Thursday, February 9th at 10pm – “She Loves Me…Not”
Private chef Eric Adjepong goes up against California native Frank Otte to see whose food can win the hearts of The Chew’s Daphne Oz and Good Morning America co-anchor Lara Spencer. Will Bobby Flay be left broken-hearted this Valentine’s Day?

Premiering Thursday, February 16th at 10pm – “You Won’t Like Him When He’s Angry”
Austrian chef Daniel Angerer is out to prove that his last win over Bobby Flay was no fluke, while Jersey restaurateur Jamie Knott hopes to become the new star of Bobby’s nightmares. TV personality Kristin Cavallari teams up with Bobby’s old friend Geoffrey Zakarian in hopes of an epic win.

Premiering Thursday, February 23rd at 10pm – “Roll With The Punches”
West coast boys Simon Majumdar and Curtis Stone are here to take down the king of the east coast. They’ve brought in chefs Perry Cheung and Richard Mancini with one goal in mind: to knock out Bobby Flay.

Online, find out what it takes to beat Bobbywhen Food Network chefs reveal the skills and tactics needed to defeat him. Check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos, relive highlights, tour the set and much more. Join the conversation with #BeatBobbyFlay.

Cake Wars

Premiering Monday, February 13th at 9pm – “Roald Dahl”
Beloved icons James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the BFG come to the Cake Wars kitchen to celebrate the 100th birthday of world-famous children’s author Roald Dahl. Four bakers will have to put their imaginations into overdrive as they compete to have their cake at the center of this centennial birthday party and take home $10,000. Chloe Dahl, Roald Dahl’s granddaughter, steps in as special guest judge with host Jonathan Bennett and judges Waylynn Lucas and Richard Ruskell.

Online, check out the images and recipes of the winning cake artists’ magical creations, hilarious behind-the-scenes videos of Jonathan and the judges on set and more. Plus, weigh in on your favorites on Twitter using #CakeWars.


Premiering Tuesday, February 7th at 10pm – “Chocolate Obsession”
In this competition, the chefs get grand chocolaty surprises in each basket. The appetizers must combine white chocolate and soft shell crab. A chocolate adult beverage and a chocolate showpiece dessert keep the delicious theme going in the second round. The two chefs with the privilege of making chocolate desserts get luscious apricots to work with as well.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Katrina Markoff, Zac Young

Premiering Tuesday, February 14th at 10pm – “Blue Plate Fate”
Four modern diner chefs compete to transform the baskets into blue plate specials worthy of $10,000. In the appetizer round, the chefs must sling out dishes using some late night food and a classic three-ingredient sandwich. Then, the chefs get creative with a deep-fried snack in the entrée round. Some diner staples in the dessert basket are tasty on their own, but can the final two chefs succeed in reinventing them?
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy, Chris Santos

Premiering Tuesday, February 21st at 10pm – “Chefs In a Pickle”
The tricky challenge in this competition is to include pickles in every dish — including dessert! The first round has the chefs working with brine and Brussels sprouts. Half-sour but entirely delicious flank steak dishes are the goal in the entrée round. Then, pickles with peanut butter is an unusual but not unheard-of combo that the chefs find in the dessert basket.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Chris Santos, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Tuesday, February 28th at 10pm – “Raw Deal”
Raw fish is in the first basket, but in a rather unusual form. A wonder drink and some beautiful peppers must grace the entrée plates, then will a hefty salt block ruin the chefs’ chances of success in the dessert round?
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, Chris Santos

Online, check out photo and video highlights and compete like a Chopped champion for a chance to win prizes. Get culinary inspiration from the Chopped experts and learn the tricks contestants have successfully deployed to transform exotic ingredients, international spices and even wintry leftovers into winning dishes. Join the action with #Chopped.

Chopped Junior

Premiering Tuesday, February 7th at 8pm – “Chocoholics”
A lucky batch of junior chefs get to cook with chocolate in all three rounds to win over the judges. It starts with a fancy boxed assortment in the appetizer round, then the kids must figure out how to pair chocolate with a stinky cheese for their entrées. And in the dessert round, the finalists are startled by what they think are chocolate-covered bugs.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Scott Conant, Ashley Graham, Jernard Wells

Premiering Tuesday, February 14th at 8pm – “Rise and Cook!”
Four young cooks set out to make the judges the most important meal of the day: breakfast! French toast and cereal are remixed in the first basket. Then, the kids struggle to make perfect eggs against the clock in the entrée round. The two finalists in the dessert round get to work with an extravagant breakfast-themed cake and a grown-up breakfast beverage.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Cliff Crooks, Bethenny Frankel, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Tuesday, February 21st at 8pm – “Heads Will Roll”
First, the kids open the appetizer basket to find something staring right back at them! A cute candy creation and a twist on garlic bread spice things up in the entrée round. Then, vegetables make their way into brownies in the dessert round, but the finalists have no problem repurposing them.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Kevin McHale, George Mendes

Online, super fans can find a huge treat with entertaining behind-the-scenes footage of the talented kid chefs and all their antics in between takes. Additionally, hear from the amazing panel of judges in interviews captured on set and upgrade your brown-bag lunch with ideas captured from the competition. Join the conversation on Twitter using #ChoppedJunior.

Cooks vs. Cons

Premiering Wednesday, February 1st at 9pm – “Tailgate Takedown”
Game day comes to the kitchen, as cooks kick off the competition by having to tackle sliders while incorporating tailgate snacks. In round two, the end zone is in sight, as judges Eddie Jackson and Daphne Oz join host Geoffrey Zakarian todecide who comes out on top when the pros and amateurs cook with pizza toppings.

Premiering Wednesday, February 8th at 9pm – “Tarts and Hearts”
Love is in the air as the cooks and cons put their hearts on the plate entwining tarts with vegetable or candy hearts. Round two seduces host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Jeff Mauro, as chocolate is lovingly used to crush the competition.

Premiering Wednesday, February 15th at 9pm – “Macho Nachos” – SEASON FINALE!
Canny choices are made when the cooks chip away at their dishes, elevating nachos with the surprise ingredient of canned soups. In round two, judges Sunny Anderson and Daphne Oz join host Geoffrey Zakarian to decide which cook takes the cake as pros and amateurs work cake into their savory fare.

Online, after incognito home cooks battle undercover culinary pros, fans can catch highlights and quizzes to find out if you could pose as a pro chef. Join the conversation with #CooksVsCons.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Premiering Friday, February 10th at 9pm – “Swiss, Sandwiches and Sausage”
This trip, Guy Fieri is sampling sandwiches, sausage and even a little schnitzel. In Portland, Oregon, he stops at a standout spot serving up specialties straight out of Switzerland. In Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s a funky food truck dishing out grilled cheese with all kinds of culinary twists. Plus, he visits another Charlotte stop at a hot dog joint making sausage from scratch and a classic chili cheese Coney.

Premiering Friday, February 17th at 9pm – “Beef, Lamb and Pig”
This trip, Guy Fieri is going for all kinds of meaty favorites. In Louisville, Kentucky, Guy visits a real-deal Irish pub serving up cottage pie and a lamb-cabbage specialty. In Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s a funky spot putting out flavorful Asian-barbecue fusion. Plus, a Charlotte burger joint getting creative with their toppings, like sweet potato, brie and house-made pimento cheese.

Premiering Friday, February 24th at 9pm – “New England Flavorfest”
This trip, Guy Fieri is taking the Camaro on a cruise through New England. And if it’s funky, he’s finding it, hitting up all the hot spots dishing out everything from the classics to the unexpected. Whether in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore or Pennsylvania, get ready for East Coast flavor at its best, with unmistakable character to match.

Online, go behind-the-scenes with Guy, check out full recipes and scan the best diners, drive-ins and dives across the country. Hop along for the ride on Twitter with #DDD.

Ginormous Food

Premiering Friday, February 3rd at 8pm – “Nashville’s Titans of Tennessee”
Josh Denny cruises through Nashville, the heart of country music, in search of magnificent meals. Headlining the tour is a 17-pound chicken gyro sandwich at Bellevue Diner that’s larger than a fiddle. The next act is Pepperfire’s Battle Royale, with stacks of hot chicken tenders layered in between four fried cheese sandwiches, all topped with baked apples. The grand finale is at Piranhas, where the Titan Cheesesteak is made with six pounds of steak, one pound of cheese, three pounds of coleslaw and hand-cut fries.

Premiering Friday, February 10th at 8pm – “Cincinnati’s Hometown Heroes” – SEASON FINALE!
Josh Denny rolls into Cincinnati, where local favorites are on the menu. Blue Ash Chili dishes out the No Freakin’ Way, two and a half pounds of Cincinnati-style chili on top of two and a half pounds of spaghetti, piled high with shredded cheddar and jalapeno bottlecaps. The city’s German heritage is on display at Mecklenburg Gardens, where the Uber Terminator features an eye-popping 38-inch hot mettwurst sausage on a 36-inch bun. And Cincinnati’s favorite breakfast sausage, goetta, adds a unique and delicious flavor to the 10-patty Cincinnasty burger at Bard’s Burgers and Chili.

Online, find photos and videos of the outrageous foods from Josh Denny’s travels. Plus, share odd culinary finds using #GinormousFood.

Guy’s Grocery Games

Premiering Sunday, February 5th at 11pm – “All Pyramid”
Four courageous chefs are determined to reach the top playing three twisted rounds of the Food Pyramid! First, the Pyramid picks the equipment, produce and total ingredient weight for their updated classics. Next, the chefs have to make a classic burger and fries using the meat, condiment and buns selected by the unpredictable pyramid. Then, the final two chefs confront the triangle of terror one last time, as it picks the type of dish they must make. The winner will enjoy the pinnacle of success — a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Aaron May, Damaris Phillips, Justin Warner

Premiering Sunday, February 12th at 8pm – “Guy’s Chocolate Games”
Four chocolate masters compete to turn this rich treat into sweet and savory dishes that could earn one of them up to $20,000. First, they have to flip a German chocolate cake into the ultimate lunch. Next, the chefs play an arcade game to determine their personal budgets for a decadent chocolate dessert. In the final game, two chefs determine the not-so-sexy ingredients in their romantic chocolate dinner with the spin of a wheel of chance.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Damiano Carrara, Domenica Catelli, Troy Johnson

Premiering Sunday, February 19th at 8pm – “Budget Bonanza”
Four chefs attempt the impossible: creating a winning breakfast, lunch and dinner for four on a budget of only $60! First, they must prepare a lumberjack breakfast, aided only by a handful of coupons. Next, they must make a sandwich lunch and decide if they can afford a side. Finally, with less than $16 each, the final two chefs attempt to pull off an upscale dinner that will earn one of them up to $20,000!
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Melissa d’Arabian, Eddie Jackson, Aarti Sequeira,

Premiering Sunday, February 26th at 8pm – “Big Bacon Battle 2”
It’s GGG’s second BBB: Big Bacon Battle. Four pork-loving chefs cook up sizzling bacon dishes that will land one of them in hog heaven with up to $20,000! First, they must make the ultimate bacon dish, despite a nine-item shopping limit. Then, chefs prepare an elevated bacon dish using the not so sweet items on Guy Fieri’s mandatory grocery list. Finally, Guy uses refrigerator magnets to generate the name of their final bacon creation: smoky chocolate BBQ.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Duskie Estes, Eric Greenspan, Justin Warner

Online, fans can relive the top moments of the tournament, test their supermarket trivia smarts, collect shopping and cooking tips from the judges, and much more. Join the conversation on Twitter using #GroceryGames.

Kids Baking Championship

Premiering Monday, February 6th at 8pm – “Breakfast Desserts”
What happens when you cross a waffle or pancake with a layer cake? Breakfast desserts! The remaining kid bakers become royal subjects to Valerie Bertinelli “Queen of Pancakes” or Duff Goldman “King of Waffles.” The mission? To please their ruler with layer cakes made from waffles or pancakes. To increase the stakes, the winning side is immune from the chopping block.

Premiering Monday, February 13th at 8pm – “Mobile App Cookies”
Today, there’s an app for almost everything. Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman provide the app names, such as Snackchat, Clash of Carbs, and Pastry Chef Go, and the remaining six kid bakers must design and create mobile app icons out of sugar cookies.

Premiering Monday, February 20th at 8pm – “Pet Shop Joys”
Cute little pets serve as the inspiration for this week’s challenge. The last five kid bakers standing must create a dessert inspired by the animal they are paired with: guinea pig, turtle, rabbit, mini pig or silky chicken. Sweet!

Premiering Monday, February 27th at 8pm – “Molecular Kidstronomy”
Kids Baking Championship goes Mad Scientist! Using futuristic tools, the final 4 bakers are fighting for a spot in the finale with molecular gastronomy-inspired desserts. Which three kid bakers will measure up in this high-tech gauntlet?

Online, go behind the scenes with judges Duff and Valerie and learn more about the talented kids competing for $10,000. Plus, browse photo galleries and watch video highlights from the show. Join the conversation using #KidsBakingChampionship.

Worst Cooks in America

Premiering Sunday, February 5th at 10pm – “The Proof Is In The Pudding”
Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray bring in a special guest mentor to teach the recruits how to make a decadent chocolate dessert to set the mood for Valentine’s Day. Their desserts will be judged in a blind taste test, and the winning recruit will receive a special advantage for the main dish challenge, where they must cook a romantic meal to wow their loved ones.

Premiering Sunday, February 12th at 9pm – “Facing Your Fears”
For this week’s skill drill, the recruits must face the foods they fear by creating a dish that utilizes their least favorite ingredient, as well as an obscure ingredient they don’t use in everyday cooking. Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray strive to expand their recruits’ culinary horizons to help them in the main dish challenge where they have to spatchcock a Cornish game hen and put their own flavorful twist on a special side dish. Then two recruits let their fears get the best of them and the rest step one foot closer to the finale.

Premiering Sunday, February 19th at 9pm – “Mardis Gras Mad”
Boot camp has been transformed into one of America’s greatest culinary cities, New Orleans, and the recruits learn how to tackle the cuisine’s melting pot of flavors and techniques. For the skill drill, the recruits must work as a team to fill in the missing words on a recipe that they then have to execute. For the main dish challenge, the recruits have to individually replicate their mentor’s New Orleans-inspired dishes. The top recruits will earn a spot in the semi-finals next week.

Premiering Sunday, February 26th at 9pm – “The Reason You’re Here”
The final four recruits step into their mentor’s shoes and direct Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray to make a dish in “Remote Control Chef,” This is their chance to show how well they have learned the cooking skills and techniques throughout the past 9 weeks. For the Main Dish challenge, Anne and Rachael bring in VIP guests that hit very close to home and they will be the key to deciding who will move onto the finale in the chance of winning $25,000 and who will leave boot camp for good.

Online, get more of the culinary boot camp and browse photo highlights, watch funny videos and catch behind-the-scenes moments. Plus, hear from mentors Anne and Rachael and the kitchen-challenged recruits. Who’s your best of the worst? Use #WorstCooks to weigh in.


Giada Entertains

Premiering Sunday, February 5th at 12pm – “Giada’s Film Festival”
Instead of movie night, Giada De Laurentiis hosts her own mini film festival. Guests are asked to create their own two minute cell phone movies on any topic they’d like, dramatic or documentary. Her decor and food is movie style, like Cacio Pepe Popcorn, Finger Sandwiches Three Ways, Blueberry Focaccia and Spiked Ice Cream Floats.

Premiering Sunday, February 12th at 12pm – “Fro-Mantic Dinner for Eight”
Valentine’s Day should be about sharing love and affection for all of the special people in your life, so Giada De Laurentiis hosts a dinner party around a long dining room table filled with friends. The indulgent dishes include a Cheese Raviolette in Pink Sauce, Italian Wellington and Chocolate Hazelnut Fondue.

Premiering Sunday, February 26th at 12pm – “Tuscan Barbecue Party”
Giada De Laurentiis celebrates her recent travels to Italy with a dinner party featuring the flavors of Tuscany. Giada creates a California barbecue vibe with an Italian touch with her menu featuring Grilled Chicken Involtini, Buttery Herbed Potatoes, Mushroom and Grape Crostini and Spiked Arnold Palmers.

Online, Giada shares tips and recipes for planning the perfect party for family and friends anytime of the year. Swap ideas using #GiadaEntertains.

The Kitchen – Premiering Saturdays at 11am
Spend a fun and food-filled morning in The Kitchen with hosts Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian. These five talented food experts will bring fun conversation and delicious recipes into your kitchen every week. From simple supper ideas to the latest food trends, they will cover all things fun in food. Pull up a stool at the counter and join them in The Kitchen.

Premiering Saturday, February 4th at 11am – “Order Up!”
The Kitchen is revealing the secrets to making favorite restaurant food at home, starting off with Geoffrey Zakarian’s tips for a delicious Shrimp Scampi. The Kitchen Helpline is open to crack the code on your favorite restaurant dishes, then restaurant masters Deuki Hong and the Dos Toros Brothers stop by to share their recipes for Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs and Steak Quesadillas. Plus, they make a classic restaurant dessert with Pass the Molten Lava Cake and share three ways to finish the meal with restaurant-quality coffee at home.

Online, access all of the co-hosts’ cooking short-cuts, recipes and tips. Whether you need menu inspiration for an upcoming party or want to remake the ingredients already stowed in your pantry, FoodNetwork.com has you covered. Also, bookmark new recipes and advice, browse behind-the-scenes photos, take audience polls and much more. Join the conversation in #TheKitchen.

Kitchen Sink – Premiering Sundays at 11am
Kitchen Sink is a fun-filled show dedicated to all things buzzy and exciting in food and cooking. With a rotating lineup of co-hosts, including Food Network Star winner Tregaye Fraser, world-renowned chef Spike Mendelsohn, cookbook author Fanny Slater, and special guests, each episode features the latest in food trends, internet-inspired recipes, genius kitchen hacks, cooking shortcuts and more. From cupcake techniques to culinary timesavers, it’s everything food-obsessed AND the kitchen sink.

Premiering Sunday, February 5th at 11am – “Sunday Sunday: Brunch”
Things kick off with an enormous egg sandwich that will feed 12 people, then Fanny Slater introduces an epic cinnamon roll. Plus, the hosts make a cake that masquerades as America’s favorite breakfast food and whip up pancakes with surprises inside!

Online, the fun continues with photo and video highlights from the show. Save favorite recipes and collect the hosts’ smartest tips. Weigh in on the ideas you like best using #KitchenSink.

The Pioneer Woman

Premiering Saturday, February 4th at 10am – “Merc Story”
Ree Drummond has opened her store, The Mercantile, and she’s sharing the epic tale of opening day while making three get-ahead dinners. There’s family favorite Butternut Mac and Cheese, then Tuscan Bean Soup. Next, she cooks up Ready to Go Chili Packets to turn into Chili Dogs, Chili Nachos and Chili Cheeseburgers — a trio of delicious standbys!

Premiering Saturday, February 11th at 10am – “Sharing Chocolate”
Ree Drummond is sharing the good stuff with the chocolate lovers in her life, and she’s starting big with a magnificent Triple Chocolate Tiramisu as a thank you to her best friend. Then, she’s layering divine on delicious in Chocolate Butterscotch Caramel Bars for her father-in-law, Chuck. Next, Ree takes things to a whole new level with a sweet and salty mash-up of Crispy Chocolate Dippers to use in a Crazy Chocolate Shake, assisted by her son, Todd.

Premiering Saturday, February 18th at 10am – “Kit for Cowboy Cameron”
Cowboy Cameron’s the new recruit at the Drummond ranch, so Ree’s welcoming him with a frontier-style dinner kit of his favorite food. While he’s out working, she prepares hearty Short Rib Sandwiches and an easy kit for a Roasted Butternut Squash Salad. For dessert, there’s a pile of Salted Caramel Frosted Brownies, and to drink, a vat of Sweet Tea Lemonade.

Premiering Saturday, February 25th at 10am – “Old-Fashioned Comfort”
It’s comfort from start to finish, and Ree Drummond’s spelling it out in an old-fashioned, feel good way. First, C is for casserole — Tuna Noodle Casserole, that is. O is for open spaces and the great outdoors. M is for Meatballs in Sweet and Sour Sauce, and F is for Ree’s four-legged friends. The second O is for orange, from sunsets to kitchenware. R is remembering, which Ree does when making Glazed Apple Dumplings. Finally, T is for toast, starring in cheesy Welsh Rarebit!

Online, find all of Ree’s recipes, watch exclusive video tours of the Drummond ranch and town, peek inside her kitchen and watch full episodes. Join the conversation with #PioneerWoman.

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

Premiering Saturday, February 11th at 10:30am – “Chocolate Ruins”
Love for chocolate is in the air! Trisha Yearwood visits Mackenzie Colt, owner of the famous Colts Chocolates, to get a tour of the factory and eat a piece (or 10!) of chocolate. She then heads back home to make a menu of chocolate recipes, including Boston Cream Pie, Chocolate-Covered Cereal Mix, Cafe Mocha and a Frozen Chocolate Mudslide.

Premiering Saturday, February 18th at 10:30am – “Picture This!”
Trisha Yearwood’s working on some new recipes, so she’s inviting over her tour photographer to snap some pictures in exchange for a home-cooked lunch. Before he arrives, Trisha whips up Cheeseburgers with Garlic Mayo, Fried Pickles and Onion Rings, a Vanilla Orange Tart and Sparkling Cherry Lime Soda.

Premiering Saturday, February 25th at 10:30am – “Shoebox Memories”
Trisha Yearwood and her sister, Beth, take a trip down memory lane as they go through mom and dad’s shoebox of recipes. They pull out comforting recipes to cook, such as Company Chicken, Mama’s Scalloped Potatoes and Wild Scuppernong Pie with Cinnamon Swirl Ice Cream.

Online, find all Trisha’s southern-style recipes, watch highlights from the show, tour her Nashville kitchen and go behind the scenes. Join the conversation on Twitter using #SouthernKitchen.

Valerie’s Home Cooking – Premiering Saturday, February 25th at 12pm
Valerie Bertinelli is known as a successful actress but she is also a homegrown whiz in the kitchen. Influenced by family recipes, many passed down from one generation to the next, Valerie’s cooking is modern, easy, relatable and satisfyingly delectable. Join Valerie as she shares her time-tested passion for cooking delicious meals for her friends and family on Valerie’s Home Cooking.

Online, get new recipes, see photos and watch behind-the-scenes videos. Join the conversation using #HomeCooking


Chocolate Weekend – Premiering Saturday, February 11th 7am-1pm and Sunday, February 12th at 7am-2pm
Whether you are looking for a fresh take on a chocolate treat or plans for a romantic dinner for two, Food Network is serving up chocolate-themed episodes all weekend long. Premiere episodes include:

Saturday, February 11th at 10am – The Pioneer Woman – “Sharing Chocolate”
Saturday, February 11th at 10:30am -Trisha’s Southern Kitchen – “Chocolate Rules”
Saturday, February 11th at 11am – The Kitchen
Sunday, February 12th at 11am – Kitchen Sink
Sunday, February 12th at 12pm – Giada Entertains

Comfort Food Weekend – Premiering Saturday, February 25th 7am-1pm and Sunday, February 26th 7am-2pm
Curl up by the fire and fend off the winter chill with Food Network for a weekend of warm comfort foods. Premiere episodes include:

Saturday, February 25th at 10am – The Pioneer Woman – “Old-Fashioned Comfort”
Saturday, February 25th at 10:30am – Trisha’s Southern Kitchen – “Shoebox Memories”
Saturday, February 25th at 11am – The Kitchen
Saturday, February 25th at 12pm – Valerie’s Home Cooking
Sunday, February 26th at 11am – Kitchen Sink
Sunday, February 26th at 12pm – Giada Entertains – “Tuscan Barbecue Party”


Comfort Food
During the cold winter months, satisfy your craving for hearty food with recipes like meatloaf, casseroles, slow-cooker favorites and homemade cookies. Sample stick-to-your-ribs classics from The Pioneer Woman, Sunny Anderson and Trisha Yearwood. New galleries include:

A Year of Pancakes
Craveworthy Eats: In this new video series, Claire Thomas puts her own spin on some of her favorite comfort-food favorites including ramen, crepe cake, and the ultimate bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

Valentine’s Day
Add some delicious romance to Valentine’s Day this year! Try Ina Garten’s casual, make-together meal, learn how to pick the perfect champagne or browse chocolate desserts from Giada De Laurentiis and Tyler Florence.

Dinner and a Movie
Roll out the red carpet (plus super snacks and menus) for an evening in to celebrate all-star movie events. FoodNetwork.com has got your VIP ticket to Food Network chefs’ best concession-stand classics, party-planning tips, videos and recipes sure to bring rave reviews.

Everything Winter
Check out FoodNetwork.com’s cold-weather food guide, including:

Winter Produce Guide
Find chefs’ recipes for using winter produce like greens, winter squash, potatoes and citrus.

Winter Entertaining Guide
The best recipes for wintertime entertaining, like comforting casseroles, lasagna, short ribs and slow roasted pork, plus cocktails and wine pairing ideas.

Winter Weeknight Dinners
Get dinner on the table fast with quick and easy wintertime meals, plus slow-cooker favorites and easy weeknight dessert recipes.

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