Sunday, April 3, 2016

Natasha Clement Wins All-Star Academy Season 2

Photo - Food Network
Tonight on Food Network was the season finale of All-Star Academy where the three remaining contestants competed for the $50,000 prize.  The three remaining contestants were Lee Abbott with Alex Guarnaschelli, Natasha Clement with Robert Irvine, and Zoe Kelly with Andrew Zimmern.

In the first challenge, the mentors had to make an updated version of meatloaf to gain an advantage for their cook in the next round, and that challenge was won by Alex Guarnaschelli.  The advantage seemed to work as Lee went on to the final two to compete against Natasha.

In the final challenge, Lee and Natasha had to create the dish of their lives in hopes of winning the $50,000 prize.  Curtis Stone determined that Natasha Clement made the better dish and she won the $50,000.
Photo - Food Network

Bobby Flay was the winning mentor of season 1 of All-Star Academy, but he was not a mentor on this season.  When the show was called America's Best Cook, Michael Symon was the winning mentor.  This was Robert Irvine's first time mentoring on the show, so we will see if a victory means he will return for another season.  Alex Guarnaschelli has mentored on all three seasons, but has yet to mentor a winner.

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