Friday, February 17, 2017

Food Network Related News and Links

Here is some recent news involving Food Network shows and chefs/personalities from the Food Network:
  • Chopped judge Aaron Sanchez will be participating in the NBA All-Star Celebrity game this weekend in New Orleans.  Here are a few interviews he did about the game where he also answers questions about Chopped - SI interview, Uproxx interview.
  • Bobby Flay recently celebrated his 1-year anniversary with his girlfriend actress Helene Yorke.  Bobby is 52, while Helene is 31.  (Link)
  • Food Network Star is currently filming its 13th season in Los Angeles, and it looks like Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis will be the hosts once again (pictured right).  Eddie Jackson and Tregaye Fraser also posted a picture together on set, so look for them to be on an episode.
  • Alton Brown posted a picture on Instagram that looked like the Chopped symbol with his name under it with the caption, "I've said too much already." (Link).  So look for him to be on an upcoming episode or a special Chopped.  
  • Alton Brown has also released a few new podcasts of the Alton Browncast and one is with Duff Goldman. (Link)
  • Guy Fieri recently surprised one of his old teachers with a cruise to anywhere in the world. (Link)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Food Network's February 2017 Programming Highlights

Photo - Food Network
Below are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in February.  It doesn't seem like there are any new series, but there are new episodes of many shows and the Kids Baking Championship finale will be this month on February 27th.

The full press release with episode descriptions is below:

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Donald Trump's Inauguration Cake Looks A Lot Like Duff Goldman's Cake For Barack Obama

Food Network's Duff Goldman had the pleasure of making President Barack Obama's inauguration cake in 2013 at his inauguration.

Yesterday, Duff saw a picture of Donald Trump cutting his inauguration cake and noticed something.  It was pretty much the exact same cake.

Duff tweeted out a picture (pictured right) of the cakes side-by-side with the caption, "The cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama's inauguration 4 years ago. The one on the right is Trumps. I didn't make it"

As you can see, the cakes have the design, same amount of layers, same size layers, same decorations, and are exactly the same down to the star placement.

Duff didn't make the cake, so who knows how the cake turned out the way it did or who ordered it that way.  There was a different cake at the 2009 inauguration, so it isn't a tradition to have the same exact cake.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Food Network Related News and Links

Photo - Food Network
Sorry for the delay, but here is some recent news involving Food Network shows and chefs/personalities from the Food Network:
  • Food Network has ordered 13 new episodes of Ginormous Food just halfway into its first season.  The show is currently airing on multiple nights, but new episodes are Friday at 8pm. (Link)
  • Ayesha Curry's show Ayesha's Homemade was also renewed for a second season. (Link)
  • Ree Drummond's dog Charlie recently passed away as detailed on a blog post on her Pioneer Woman website.  Charlie regularly appeared on Pioneer Woman episodes and Ree has a book series named after him.
  • We all know Iron Chef is returning and Alex Guarnaschelli recently had an Instagram post about the show tagging Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, Geoffrey Zakarian, Cat Cora, Marc Forgione, Masaharu Morimoto, and Jose Garces, so it looks like it could be the same Iron Chefs competing.
  • Great Food Truck Race is casting for its eighth season and it looks like this season will have people competing who have never run a food truck. (Link)
  • Ina Garten easily had the best selling cookbook of 2016 with Cooking for Jeffrey despite being released in October.  Ree Drummond had the 6th best seller with her 2015 book The Pioneer Woman Cooks. (Link)
  • A Kansas State University study revealed that celebrity chefs have poor food safety habits due to licking fingers, touching hair, lack of hand washing, and not changing cutting boards.  (Link)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Kitchen Sink With Tregaye Fraser To Premiere January 15th

Photo - Food Network
When Tregaye Fraser won season 12 of Food Network Star, it was announced that she would be a co-host on The Kitchen Sink.  A new 13-episode season of The Kitchen Sink will begin on Saturday, January 15th at 11am ET/PT with Tregaye Fraser as one of the co-hosts.  The other co-hosts are Spike Mendelsohn (Top Chef, Iron Chef, etc) and Fanny Slater (cookbook author who won Rachael Ray's cookbook contest).  They will also be joined by special guests each episode.

A press release states:
"Over 13 half-hour episodes, the co-hosts along with special guests take a look at the latest culinary trends, offer up kitchen hacks and time-saving shortcuts, while sharing delicious new recipes for every occasion, including inspired culinary delights from the latest and greatest digital food frontier. In addition to culinary tips, trends and techniques, the co-hosts serve up delicious recipes to make at home; from Sunday brunch to a Saturday night party including an epic take on a cinnamon roll, Super Easy Sloppy Sliders for a do-it-yourself party menu, a weeknight pasta dish using only five ingredients, nachos with a twist and many more. THE KITCHEN Sink will also step out of the studio and on to the streets with Sink on the Street, going on location for a deep dive into popular food trends and the culinary delights they inspire."

The first season of The Kitchen Sink had 6 episodes, which rotated co-hosts Marcella Valladolid, Katie Lee, Geoffrey Zakarian, Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro.  It appears they will not be on this season as co-hosts, but may appear on the show as special guests.

If you are interested, the first four episode descriptions of The Kitchen Sink are below:

Foods You Didn't Know You Wanted
Kitchen Sink kicks off with a new way to weave bacon into every bite of breakfast, then Tregaye Fraser and Jeff Mauro take nachos to a new level with twists on the classic snack food. Inspired by the pizza pot pie, Fanny Slater wows with her combination of pizza and quesadillas. Finally, the Sink hits the streets to see one of the hottest dessert trends then shows how to make twists on ice cream cones at home. (Episode: SI0201H)

Carbs on Carbs
The carbs-on-carbs menu kicks off with an over the top sandwich cake, then Spike Mendelsohn and Tregaye Fraser demonstrate two inexpensive weeknight pasta dishes that are just five ingredients each. Frozen fries get a makeover with two different takes in a skillet, and finally, Katie Lee brings carbs to dessert with a four-ingredient twist on the classic apple pie. (Episode: SI0202H)

The Ultimate Party Menu
Spike Mendelsohn kicks off the show with his Super Easy Sloppy Sliders that will feed a crowd. Then, Sunny Anderson mashes up three crowd favorites into a Mozzarella Stick Pizza Onion Rings appetizer and puts a spin on the classic loaded baked potato. The hosts check in with our Food Network Kitchen correspondent, Vivian Chan, who shares the latest boozy trends. Then, inspired by the trends, the hosts create a dessert taco bar. (Episode: SI0203H)

Sunday Sunday: Brunch
Things kick off with an enormous egg sandwich that will feed 12 people, then Fanny Slater introduces an epic cinnamon roll. Plus, the hosts make a cake that masquerades as America's favorite breakfast food and whip up pancakes with surprises inside! (Episode: SI0204H)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Food Network's December 2016 Programming Highlights

Photo - Food Network
Below are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in December.  There are once again a lot of new Chopped episodes (all varieties) and a lot of holiday themed shows/specials. The Holiday Baking Championship will crown its winner on December 18th and there will also be a Holiday Baking Championship special on Christmas that brings in three previous champions and three fan favorites from Kids Baking Championship.  The Jonas Brothers will be featured in a special called Jonas Restaurant: Family Style where their family opens up a restaurant in North Carolina.

The press release with episode descriptions and air dates is below:

Monday, November 28, 2016

Iron Chef Returns with 'Iron Chef Gauntlet'

One of the questions I get the most is if Iron Chef America was cancelled or when it will be returning. Well it looks like it will be returning, but it will not be Iron Chef America as it will be called Iron Chef Gauntlet.

Alton Brown sent out this tweet and photo (right) with the caption “Finally. #IronChefGauntlet” hinting at the return of the show. Also Variety reported on Iron Chef Gauntlet saying the show will be filmed early next year and will air in the second quarter. They said, “Details of the new format are thin other than it promises to offer some new twists on the cooking-showdown format.” A Food Network Dish post says, "Look out for some of your favorite elements of battle from Iron Chef America, plus new twists that will leave you craving more.”

It should be interesting to see what Iron Chefs will be returning to the show and what the new format is. With the title of Iron Chef Gauntlet and with Alton Brown being involved, it makes me think that it will be a mix of Iron Chef America with Cutthroat Kitchen elements. If any more information about Iron Chef Gauntlet is revealed, I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Food Network Related News and Links

Photo - Food Network
Here is some recent news involving Food Network shows and chefs/personalities from the Food Network:
  • Scripps Network Interactive has ended its partnership with Netflix, so if you are watching any Food Network shows on Netflix, they will be unavailable at the end of 2016.  Scripps COO said, "In the end, it really is not the kind of dual-revenue model that best monetizes our content over the long term." (Link)
  • Alton Brown was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week and here is a video of him making carbonated pumpkin spice ice cream.
  • The latest internet craze is the mannequin challenge, and Guy Fieri filmed one on the set of Guy's Grocery Games which is over four minutes long. (Link to video)
    • Giada De Laurentiis also did her own version, which is much shorter. (Video)
  • Here is a People blog post from Marcela Valladolid on the guilt of being a pregnant, traveling, working mom. (Link)
  • Loni Love won Worst Cooks In America: Celebrity Edition and was mentored by Rachael Ray. (Link)
  • Carla Johnson won $25,000 for winning Worst Bakers in America.  You may remember her from Worst Cooks in America and her obsession with Bobby Flay. (Link)
  • Robert Irvine talked about a Restaurant: Impossible episode that broke his heart (Abudanza), and it was also revealed that LJ from that episode has passed away. (Link)
  • As a commenter pointed out, you may have seen Geoffrey Zakarian in the crowd on a recent episode of Dancing with the Stars on ABC.  Here is an Instagram picture of him at the studio.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Food Network's November 2016 Programming Highlights

Photo - Food Network
Below are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in November.  It looks like there is a lot of new Chopped episodes (all varieties), more kids (looks like Alison Sweeney is the go-to kids show host), and a lot of holiday themed shows/specials.  Thanksgiving Live will not return, but Food Network does have a replay on their schedule.  Also, Clash of the Grandmas which had a pilot last year will now be a series.

The press release with episode descriptions and air dates is below:

Friday, October 28, 2016

Food Network Related News and Links

Photo - Food Network
Here is some recent news involving Food Network shows and chefs/personalities from the Food Network (Sorry for the delay in posting, but thanks for keeping active in the comments):

  • Mario Batali recently was at the White House to cook President Obama's final State Dinner. (Link)
  • Mario Batali was also recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video) and cooked ravioli and cake. He has been making the rounds promoting his new book Big American Cookbook: 250 Favorite Recipes from Across the USA.
  • Mario Batali wasn't the only Food Network personality recently at the White House as Ina Garten filmed an episode of Barefoot Contessa in Washington DC.  It will be an hour long special that will air of Food Network Saturday, November 5 at 1pm ET and the episode will have a segment at the White House with Michelle Obama. (Link)
  • You may also see a lot of recent article about Ina Garten as she is promoting her book Cooking For Jeffrey, which was just released this week.
  • Twitch (which is owned by Amazon and free with Prime) will feature a live-streaming cooking show with Food Network Star winner Justin Warner called ChefShock.  It will be a two-hour show, five days-a-week beginning on Monday October 31st at 8pm ET.  It is an interactive show and you can purchase ingredients ahead of time and prepare them at the same time as Justin while you are able to ask questions. (Link)
  • Marc Summers Productions (MSPT) which produces Restaurant: Impossible has received $8.4 million dollars in tax credits from the state of Pennsylvania for filming the show despite only 17 of the restaurants from the show being in Pennsylvania.  Food Feuds and Dinner: Impossible also received $2.55 million in tax credits.  Here is an article with a lot of details, which thinks the tax credit program is being abused.
  • Thanksgiving Live is on the Food Network schedule on November 19th, but it looks like it could just be a repeat (Link).
  • A commenter pointed out that the Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror was moved from primetime to Sunday afternoons at 4pm.
  • Alton Brown recently announced in a video that he was taking a break from Cutthroat: Kitchen and hinted at an internet show causing fans to think it would be Good Eats (Video).  In a recent NY Times article, it says that Food Network owns the rights to Good Eats, so he isn't making a penny from the revival.