Sunday, June 18, 2017

Food Network Star Episode 3 Elimination

Photo - Food Network
On tonight's Food Network Star, the remaining ten finalists were split into two teams of five and had to put together a five-course meal.  Each course had a different theme: Appetizer - Jungle; Pasta - Forest; Dessert - Mountains; Seafood - Beach; Meat - Desert.  Addie and Cory were the team captains and Addie picked Jason, Cao, Amy, and Matthew while Cory picked Rusty, Trace, David, and Suzanne.   Each team had 30 seconds to present their dishes on camera and had to convince people to try their dish over the other team's dish.  Tyler Florence was a guest judge to help Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis decide the winners and losers of the challenge.

The judges decided that Amy, Jason and David were the top three in this challenge.  The bottom three were Cao Tran, Suzanne Lossia, and Trace Barnett, and Bobby and Giada decided to send Suzanne home.

Suzanne Lossia will go on to compete on Star Salvation (which begins next week) with hopes of rejoining the competition.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Food Network Star Episode 2 Elimination

Photo - Food Network
On tonight's episode of Food Network Star, the 12 remaining finalists were split into three teams of four for a Beauty and the Beast related challenge.  Each team was assigned a room from the Beauty and the Beast castle and had to cook a dish and decorate a serving station drawing inspiration from their room theme.  The teams were: Amy, Addie, Cory and Trace (theme - afternoon tea in the library); Matthew, Nancy, Toya, and Caodan (theme - brunch in the dining room); Jason, Rusty, David, Suzanne (hor d'oeuvres in the ballroom).  Sandra Lee was a special guest judge along with Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis and she helped decide the winning team.  Also, for this episode, two finalists are eliminated.

The judges decided that the library team was the winning team and Amy, Addie, Cory and Trace were all safe.  The ballroom team was also determined safe, so that meant Matthew, Nancy, Toya, and Caodan from the dining room team were all up for elimination.  In the end, the judges decided that Nancy Manlove and Toya Boudy performed the worst and both were sent home.

Nancy and Toya will go on to compete in Star Salvation with hopes of rejoining the competition.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bakers vs. Fakers Most Likely Cancelled

Photo - Food Network
Season 2 of Bakers vs. Fakers premiered two weeks ago on Wednesday, May 24th and it appears that Food Network has removed the show from their schedule.  A new episode will not air tonight and there are no episodes on the upcoming schedule, meaning the show is most likely cancelled.

According to the press release for season 2 of Bakers vs Fakers, this season was supposed to be 13 episodes long, so they cancelled this pretty early.  Usually when a show is cancelled, Food Network will air the remaining episodes in a random timeslot (like 4am), but it appears they have not done this yet.

The reason for the cancellation is probably due to low ratings.  According to Showbuzzdaily, the 5/24 episode had 557,000 viewers (0.15 key demo) and the 5/31 episode had 651,000 viewers (0.19 key demo).

Season 1 of Bakers vs. Fakers premiered in January 2017 and was six episodes long.  Buddy Valastro was the host of season 1, while Lorraine Pascale was the host of season 2.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Food Network Star Episode 1 Elimination

Photo - Food Network
Tonight on the season 13 premiere of Food Network Star, we were introduced to the 12 contestants competing and the winner of Comeback Kitchen was revealed.  The two remaining contestants from Comeback Kitchen were Matthew Grunwald and Jamika Pessoa, and Matthew was revealed as the winner who would get to compete on Food Network Star.  Matthew competed on season 11 of Food Network Star and was on Comeback Kitchen the past two years, so this is three years in a row for him being on the show.  If you think you recognize some of the contestants this year, here is a post about what other shows they have appeared on.

For the first challenge of the season, the finalists had thirty seconds to introduce themselves to judges Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis.  After that, they had thirty minutes to make a dish that would showcase their POV.  The contestants then had a minute to present their dishes to Giada, Bobby and special guest judges Monti Carlo and Robert Irvine.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Food Network Star Season 13 Contestants - Where Have You Seen Them?

This Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network is the start of season 13 of Food Network Star. As is usually the case, you will probably recognize many of the contestants from other reality shows on Food Network and other channels. Here is a list of the Food Network Star contestants for this season and where you may recognize them.  Also listed is their POV from the Food Network Star Talk blog.
  • Cory Bahr (Monroe, LA) - Chopped season 12 (won). POV - seasonal, regional, as local as you can get. Just keeping it simple, stupid.
  • Blake Baldwin (Flemington, NJ) - No previous reality television appearances.  POV - healthy cooking can be delicious without being difficult.  This is due to his weight loss after college.
  • Trace Barnett (Brilliant, AL) - No previous reality television appearances. POV - budget-friendly, schedule-conscious and very consistent with Southern fare, but in a lighter, fresher way.
  • Toya Boudy (New Orleans, LA) - Guy's Grocery Games: Impossible, also has a YouTube cooking channel.  POV - Cajun and Creole cuisine made simple.
  • Addie Gundry (Lake Forrest, IL) - Cutthroat Kitchen (won Halloween special), Cutthroat Kitchen Time Warp tournament. POV - easy, elegant entertaining - all things food and beverage that are easy to make yet elegant to serve for any entertaining occasion.
  • Rusty Hamlin (Atlanta, GA)Rusty's RockFeast: Backstage With Zac Brown Band on FYI.  POV - Southern-inspired chef with Louisiana Cajun Creole roots who goes around the country and does what I call cooking off the cuff — whatever’s local and whatever’s coming out of the ground, the sea, the refrigerator, the cabinets is what we’re going to make an amazing meal with.
  • Suzanne Lossia (Detroit, MI) - Cutthroat Kitchen (won), Also has authored a book.  POV - Turning Middle Eastern into American flare, turning it into an American way of looking at it.
  • Nancy Manlove (Texas City, TX) - Cutthroat Kitchen (won), Cutthroat Kitchen Time Warp Tournament. POV - Nanna in the kitchen.
  • Amy Pottinger (Honolulu, HI) - No previous reality television appearances, but tried out for Food Network Star season 11 according to this video. POV - Exploring new culinary worlds and growth is within anybody’s grasp.
  • David Rose (Atlanta, GA) - No previous reality television appearances. Has done work with Big Green Egg and also has done local news food segments.  POV - French-Jamaican-Southern fusion.
  • Jason Smith (Grayson, KY) - Holiday Baking Championship (won). POV - country bling - take old, dying country recipes, and I bring them back to life and make them modern, elevated and fancied up a little bit.
  • Caodan Tran (Dallas, TX) - Cooks vs. Cons. Has also tried out Amazing Race and Food Network Star in the past (link).  POV - Vietnamese-inspired with kind of flavors and touches from California and Texas

You will obviously recognize the Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen winner as they have previously competed on Food Network Star.  If I have missed any appearances on any shows, let me know in the comments and I can update this post.

If you are interested in learning more about the contestants, their bios from the press release are available here.

As always, visit the site after each episode airs to discuss the episode and who went home.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Stephanie Izard Becomes An Iron Chef

Photo - Twitter
Tonight on the season finale of Iron Chef Gauntlet, Stephanie Izard had to beat out Iron Chefs Masaharu Morimoto, Bobby Flay, and Michael Symon to become an Iron Chef.  She faced one chef in three separate secret ingredient battles and had to have a higher score than the three Iron Chefs combined.

In the first secret ingredient challenge, the secret ingredient was peppers and Stephanie Izard decided to go against Bobby Flay.  The second secret ingredient challenge was cheese and Chef Izard decided to go against Michael Symon.  The final secret ingredient challenge was tilefish and Chef Izard competed against Masaharu Morimoto.

Judges Anya Fernald and Ludo Lefebvre decided that Bobby Flay won the first challenge and Stephanie Izard won the second challenge.  She had a two point lead after two rounds, and ended up winning by a score of 90 to 87.  Stephanie Izard is now an Iron Chef.

There has not been any announcements about upcoming Iron Chef America episodes, but you would think if they had a competition to crown an Iron Chef, there will be new episodes produced.  Alton Brown hinted on Twitter that it would depend on the ratings for Iron Chef Gauntlet, but I guess we will see.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Iron Chef Gauntlet Winner - Will They Become An Iron Chef?

Photo - Food Network
Tonight on Iron Chef Gauntlet, the remaining three chefs had to make a simple dish using just five ingredients in the Chairman's Challenge and in a twist, one contestant was eliminated after the testing.  The remaining two chefs went on to the secret ingredient challenge which was judged by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Ching-He Huang.

Read on to see who was eliminated and who won Iron Chef Gauntlet:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Iron Chef Gauntlet Down To The Final Three

Photo - Food Network
Tonight on Iron Chef Gauntlet, the remaining four chefs were assigned a classic one-two flavor combo in the Chairman's Challenge.  The winner of this challenge was Jason Dady and the loser was Shota Nakajima.  Chef Dady got to choose who would go up against Chef Nakajima in the secret ingredient challenge and he chose Stephanie Izard.

The secret ingredient in the final challenge was chicken.  Ali Bouzari and Cat Cora were the judges of the secret ingredient challenge and they decided that Chef Nakajima would be the chef eliminated.  Stephanie Izard won by a large margin on the scorecard with it being 33 to 24.

That leaves Jason Dady, Stephanie Izard, and Sarah Grueneberg as the final three chefs in Iron Chef Gauntlet.  Next week, there will be a double elimination and the winning chef will be the chef that has a chance to become an Iron Chef on May 21st.  They will compete against Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto and Michael Symon in a three-round gauntlet where they will have to outscore the three chefs combined.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Food Network Related News and Links

Here is some recent news involving Food Network shows and chefs/personalities from the Food Network:
Photo - Food Network

  • Trisha Yearwood has a line of products sold at Williams Sonoma that are pretty expensive.  There is a $17 cocktail mix and a $13 barbeque sauce. (Link)
  • Former Bachelor and Worst Cooks: Celebrity Edition contestant Chris Soules was arrested after leaving the scene of a fatal crash. (Link)
  • Food Network has ordered 26 new episodes of Giada De Laurentiis related programming with new seasons of Giada Entertains and Giada’s Holiday Handbook, as well as a new series Giada’s Summer Entertaining, which is a working title. (Link)
  • Ayesha Curry is opening her first restaurant in San Francisco, CA. (Link)
  • A new series Incredible Edible America with the Dunhams premieres Monday June 5th and will follow around comedian Jeff Dunham and his wife as they check out food place while he is on tour. (Link)
  • Katie Lee's Cooking Channel show Beach Bites with Katie Lee is returning for another season and will begin on June 1st at 10pm ET. (Link)
  • A new season of Bakers Vs. Fakers premieres on Wednesday May 24th at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network.  This season will have Lorraine Pascal as the host rather than Buddy Valastro. (Link)
  • Ree Drummond is allowing people to come see The Lodge on Drummond Ranch, which is where her Food Network show is filmed.  It is only for select days and there is no charge. (Link)
  • The man responsible for the murder of Food Network Star season 8 contestant Cristie Schoen Codd plead guilty and was sentenced to a minimum of 59.5 years and a maximum of 74.5 years in prison. (Link)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Food Network Star Season 13 Premieres In June

Photo - Multivu
Food Network's most popular show Food Network Star will return for its 13th season on Sunday, June 4th at 9pm ET/PT.  Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis will once again be the hosts/mentors for the season.  

Also returning will be Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen.  This concept started last season and the show gives previous Food Network Star contestants a chance to compete on the upcoming season.  Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen is three episodes long and starts on May 21st at 8pm ET/PT, three weeks before the Food Network Star premiere.  Comeback Kitchen will be co-hosted by Tyler Florence and Valerie Bertinelli and the returning Food Network Star contestants are:

  • Rob Burmeister (season 12)
  • Emilia Cirker (season 11)
  • Matthew Grunwald (season 11)
  • Josh Lyons (season 8)
  • Danushka Lysek (season 9)
  • Jamika Pessoa (season 5)
  • Joy Thompson (season 12)

Matthew Grunwald also competed in last season's Comeback Kitchen, which was won by Martita Jara.

The web series Star Salvation will also be included in season 13 of Food Network Star.  Jeff Mauro and Alex Guarnaschelli will be the hosts and eliminated contestants will get a chance to re-enter the competition on August 6th and become one of the final four contestants.

The contestants competing on the actual show Food Network Star season 13 are: Cory Bahr (Monroe, LA); Blake Baldwin (Flemington, NJ); Trace Barnett (Brilliant, AL); Toya Boudy (New Orleans, LA); Addie Gundry (Lake Forrest, IL); Rusty Hamlin (Atlanta, GA); Suzanne Lossia (Detroit, MI); Nancy Manlove (Texas City, TX); Amy Pottinger (Honolulu, HI); David Rose (Atlanta, GA); Jason Smith (Grayson, KY); Caodan Tran (Dallas, TX), and the winner of Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen. 

If you are interested in learning more about the contestants, here are some bios. Also for more information on Food Network Star season 13, multivu has episode descriptions and images.

Below is the press release about the upcoming season.  I will do another post about the contestants closer to the season airing.